Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Break from Tradition!

Enough of this political correctness already!!!

I normally don't talk politics especially on social media and especially under the banner of Three cord Ministries - but I am going to now. I have seen and heard so much garbage in the first few weeks of the Federal campaign that I am sickened at the back-biting, name-calling, lies and deceit that ALL the 'leaders' are displaying. In this toxic atmosphere, Christians must make a moral choice this coming October.

As for me and my house, we support the only Christian Party there is - The Christian Heritage Party (

Although they are running in only a few ridings, no other party stands on the same Biblical, moral high-ground as they do.

Ask the other parties about abortion, euthanasia, non-traditional marriage, marijuana and other drugs, social decay, pornography and sexual immorality, the new anti-Christianism and more.
By law, I am forced to vote in my riding and I must choose one of the local candidates by their party affiliation - but morally I choose to support and help out in any way possible, the closest CHP candidate - and that is Hamilton Mountain. Will you join me?

If you are a Christian, you must give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God, what is God's. You can and must do both.

The CHP may never form a government in Canada - but your Christian values can only be upheld and expressed by a CHP member. There are many Christians in the other parties but they ALL are muzzled by the requirement to follow 'party lines' on moral issues - there are very few exceptions.

(This message is sponsored by me and my house.)