Sunday, September 13, 2015

Christians and Politics - I can't keep silent

Christians and Politics – Especially at Election Time
Because it is election time in Canada (and soon to be in the US), I have been thinking, especially after hearing talks by a Christian politician this morning and a Christian Pastor this evening, that we as Christians don’t really put our faith into practice in the political arena.
At no time did Jesus shy away from the issues of His day – yes, they may have seemed different then than they are now, but in reality the same old failings of mankind happen today.
I am not sure when it ever became a ‘no-no’ for Christians to take political stands. We are indeed commanded to “give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is God’s” and since God made everything, including Caesar, we have no excuse. We are also commanded to do all things as unto the Lord. That to me means with compassion and love yet without compromise.

Practically, every true Christian has a duty to support those who are in authority and furthermore, to support those seeking political office only if they have a moral compass that points to Christ. That leaves out many running for office but, it also means that we should be seeking those who do claim to be Christians themselves and who put their faith right out front in their campaign.
Even if there are no candidates in one’s own riding, I believe it is the duty of Christians to vote for those who follow Christ and support in any manner possible, a candidate in a close by riding that is a Christian.
There are many Christians who presently hold political office but nearly all are not allowed to bring their faith into the arena – especially when a party leader commands 100% allegiance on a social or moral matter.
There is only one party in Canada that stands for Christ and Christ alone on all issues. So why aren’t all Christians supporting or voting for these candidates? (Ask me who?)
There are two internal arguments that go something like this: “Well, they are never going to form the next government, so why should I vote for or support them, it would be wasted time and a wasted vote.”
My reply is “So, are you saying a vote for someone who loves Jesus and lives like they do and supports moral issues like He does is a wasted vote? In His Kingdom (it’s here on Earth by the way), a ‘vote’ for Christ or a Christ follower is not a waste at all in His economy.
“I have to choose someone in the riding where I live to vote for and none of them are Christians. If I don’t vote or support one of them, I am not doing my civic duty.”
Of course you must vote, but look closer into their character and moral values and even question them at candidate meetings. Ask him or her the tough questions about moral issues. Then next time around (federally, provincially or municipally) you yourself or someone you know and respect stand for office.
God will take care of our economy and the world (He is pretty big and powerful after all) and doesn’t need a particular candidate in any particular country in order to fulfil His plans. I believe the biggest issue with many Christians is that they do not truly believe that about their personal finances and living state or their countries finances and state.
It only makes sense that Christians must support other Christians. Time is getting short in more ways than one.